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I may be wrong, but it seems to me that one of the best gifts the American people received this year was having a man with a vision to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in the white house. Keep going president Trump....even though Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Marxists- Socialists are going crazy. Keep your agenda rolling along and unlike the president before you, you won't apologize to any country for who we are and what we are and where our country is going.

Jim Reese

Dear Editor,

As we begin the New Year, Safe Passage reflects upon our blessings, and one that stands out is the tremendous support from the community.

This year, associates from Global Atlantic Financial Group donated several working days helping us with shelter and children's projects. Our faith-based partners, such as Brookville United Methodist and Whitcomb Churches, often contribute to our client or shelter needs without being asked. School groups, individuals and civic organizations brought record amounts of food, paper goods and more making certain that we never had an unfilled need. The support for our first Handbags 4 Hope in Brookville Sept. 30, was tremendous and surpassed our fundraising goals. More recently, Hill-Rom provided volunteers to help set up for our December fundraiser at Walhill Farm, and Defender sent several volunteers for clean up. This same spirit was evident in our 42 sponsors, 31 table designers, 100+ raffle donors and the 340 people who attended, contributing to a record-breaking fundraiser. We, and undoubtedly, our clients, are also grateful for the funding from the Franklin Co. United Way, the Franklin Co. Community Foundation and the Brookville Foundation, among other local groups.

That same generous spirit continued in December, and many people from the community were willing to provide a bit of joy for our 152 needy residents and non-resident families so each would feel the Christmas spirit through a special gift.

This incredible support has helped Safe Passage bring a record number of families out of abusive situations and provide strong youth prevention programs across our six county region.

We are so thankful for the support throughout the year and extend our wishes for a blessed New Year to all in this wonderful community.

In gratitude,

Mary Mattingly

Community Outreach


Jane Yorn

Executive Director,

Safe Passage, Inc.