Two people arrested for trafficking with same inmate

By John Estridge, Editor

Police allege two different people passed contraband to Blake Robertson when he was in court for an initial hearing.

During a subsequent search of Robertson, police allege they found heroin and tobacco on Robertson.

According to a police report filed by Franklin County Sheriff\'s Deputy Derek Walton, Robertson was in Franklin Circuit Court II for an initial hearing on Tuesday morning, Oct. 23. Walton and FCSD Deputy Adam Henson were in the courtroom with Robertson and several other inmates from the Franklin County Security Center.

A female, Morgan N. Smallwood, 20, E. County Road 350 East, Connersville, was also in the courtroom and sat in front of Robertson.

Walton said he observed the two speak several times. Robertson handed Smallwood legal papers, which she read.

According to Walton, he had to leave the courtroom for a short period of time to get legal papers concerning another person in court. When he returned, he saw Smallwood hand Robertson a small, tan piece of paper that was folded several times. Robertson placed the folded piece of paper in his left shirt pocket of his inmate uniform.

A little later, Smallwood passed a cloth bracelet to Robertson. At that point, Walton went to the couple and informed them they could not pass anything to each other. Smallwood took the bracelet back from Robertson and placed it with her belongings.

Henson then moved Robertson to the other side of the courtroom, but Smallwood followed, sitting again in front of Robertson.

Another person in the courtroom for an initial hearing was Anthony D. Byers, 31. Byers was done with his initial hearing and attempted to leave the courtroom, but Walton had a warrant for Byers\' arrest. Byers was instructed to go and sit with the other inmates.

After Byers was seated, Walton watched him take something out of his pocket and put it between Byers and Robertson. Byers then moved his hand from the area between the two inmates, placed his hand under his shirt and then into his pants pocket.

At that moment, Robertson reached his hand down between the two men, pulled it back up close fisted and then put the hand to his mouth.

Walton walked over and ordered the two men, Robertson and Byers, up. He placed them in handcuffs and took them back to the FCSC.

Two jail officers, John Stikeleather and Bo Staat, met Walton back at the FCSC.

Stikeleather and Staat remained with Byers while Walton took Robertson into the shower room for a strip search.

In the shower room, Walton told Robertson he observed Byers and Smallwood pass him items.

Robertson immediately admitted he had taken Skoal chewing tobacco from Byers and placed it in his mouth. However, he swallowed it when the men walked into the FCSC. Walton checked Robertson\'s mouth and could see several pieces of chewing tobacco in his mouth. He could also smell wintergreen which is associated with the chewing tobacco.

During the subsequent pat down of Robertson, Walton found the folded piece of paper in his left shirt pocket.

It was a folded check made out to Save-A-Lot, and it belonged to Connie S. Smallwood, Canyon Parkway, Connersville.

Inside the check was a brown powdery substance with chunks.

Robertson leaned down toward Walton and blew the substance off the check and onto the floor. However, Walton was able to retrieve several of the larger chunks. He tested it, and it tested positive for heroin.

A Newport cigarette was found in the waistband of Robertson\'s uniform pants.

Robertson admitted his girlfriend, Smallwood, gave him the heroin and cigarette. He then asked Walton to throw the items away and forget about it. Walton refused to do that, telling him a report would be made to the Franklin County Prosecutor\'s Office.

According to Robertson, he had told Smallwood to bring him items every time he was in court, and she had done so on previous occasions. He would not say what she brought during the other times. He said he planned on either snorting or eating the heroin because he did not have any means of shooting the heroin.

The check was from Smallwood\'s mother, and the mother was always giving his girlfriend checks, Robertson said.

Robertson said he planned on lighting the cigarette using the electrical outlet from the TV in his block.

He then talked about the chewing tobacco. Robertson said Byers emptied a can of Skoal beside him with Byers taking the larger amount and placing it on his body. Robertson just picked up the amount remaining on the bench and put it in his mouth.

Robertson then made a taped statement about the morning.

Byers said the lid to his Skoal came off and that was why he had loose tobacco in his pockets.

Smallwood was charged with Dealing in a Schedule I Controlled Substance, as a class B felony; and Trafficking with an Inmate Outside a Facility, as a class D felony. Byers was charged with Trafficking with an Inmate Outside a Facility, as a class A misdemeanor.

If convicted of a class B felony, Smallwood could receive a sentence of six to 20 years in prison. A class D felony conviction would be a sentence of six months to three years in prison. Byers could receive up to one year in jail if convicted of a class A misdemeanor.

Robertson was charged with Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance, as a class D felony.