Man loses everything in burglary

By John Estridge, Editor

A Franklin County man said he was the victim of a burglary where he lost everything he owns, and he means everything.

That includes the paper plates in the cupboard and the toilet paper in the restroom.

"I think I was targeted specifically," Brian Hamilton, the victim, said. "It was like Mayflower pulled up and wiped me out. What kind of robber sells paper plates?"

All of the vehicles parked at his house were taken, including his trailers. He surmised they probably used his trailers to load his furniture in to haul them away.

Gone are: a 2008 concession trailer (something one sells food out of), a 1987 Lincoln Town Car 120-inch stretch limousine, a 1998 Cadillac Catera, a 1998 enclosed motorcycle trailer, seven TVs, a Winchester gun safe, bunk beds, two dressers, a living room suit, a bedroom suit, a zero turn Troy Built mower, all of his clothes, including $4,000-5,000 worth of suits, 150-200 DVDs and his dog, an American Bully, which is a cross of an English bulldog and a pit bull, named Miss Kitty.

Probably the one item which hurt more than anything else was the theft of his late mother's Bible.

"Of it all, I miss my dead mother's Bible the most," Hamilton said.

Hamilton lives on a dead-end road named Meadow Lane. It is off Red School Road, which is off Stipps Hill Road. Neighbors saw vehicles back up to Hamilton's home and move furniture out, but thought Hamilton was moving out.

"Who expects people taking their time moving everything out are robbing the place?" Hamilton asked.

Because the neighbors did not think there was any foul play involved, they did not pay a lot of attention to the vehicles involved except the towing of the stretch limo created a great amount of sparks.

This occurred sometime over last weekend, Sept. 20-23.

Hamilton is offering a large cash reward for information. The person offering information may remain anonymous. Receiving the reward hinges on the information leading to the return of Hamilton's property, Hamilton said.

Franklin County Sheriff's Department Deputy John Roberts is investigating the burglary. The sheriff's department can be reached at 765-647-4138, while Hamilton can be reached at 765-541-2253.